Staff - Our Staff

The Perenjori Primary School provides a range of high quality teaching and learning programs, utilising the expertise and skills of experienced and specialist staff.  All teachers possess the professional requirements to teach in a WA school and are registered with the Teachers Registration Board (TRBWA). Our staff are dedicated and enthusiastic.

At Perenjori Primary School we have learning teams which reflect the phases of learning;

Early Childhood - Kindergarten and Pre Primary

Middle Primary -  Years 1 and 2

Upper Primary - Years 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Teachers work collaboratively with support staff in learning teams, and meet weekly to plan, monitor, assess and report on student achivement across all learning areas.  This ensures the progress of all students is monitored regularly, relevant programs are implemented and structures are in place to ensure the best allocation of resources and support staff.  Innovation is promoted and encouraged.

Our school is most fortunate to enjoy strong community support and the associated benefits that this brings.  Staff value the importance of establishing and maintaining partnerships with parents and the wider school community.