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 Parents & Citizens

Perenjori Parents & Citizens Association has a proud tradition of supporting the staff and students at the Perenjori Primary School.  Each year parents and community members give up their own time to help aid the school in various activities and fundraising throughout the year.  Profits are used to benefit the students in the school.

The P&C is a place where parents can seek advice and support on a variety of matters regarding their children attending Perenjori Primary School.

We are lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate group of people.

If you would like to be part of the P & C please contact the front office on 08 9971 8000.

Current office bearers are:

·         Emily Sutherland - President

·         Denika Clark - Vice President

·         Samantha King - Secretary

·         Leah Leopold - Treasurer

·         Amanda Smith - Executive Member

·         Susan Bestry - Executive Member

·         Kylie Walton - Executive Member


Positions become vacant at the Annual General Meeting held in February each year.

Regular meetings are held once a term.

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

To become a member please fill in this Membership Form, this entitles you to have input at meetings.     


To view a copy of the Perenjori P & C 2019 Constitution and Rules please click here                             


We look forward to seeing you.



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