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General information about enrolments, and the appropriate application for enrolment forms for Western Australian public schools can be found here:-

2020 Perenjori Primary School Information Sheet

Information Sheet on Immunisations

Student Health Information

Health Care Management Form

Severe Allergy Reaction Form

Mild and Moderate Allergies

Diabetes management and emergency response

Seizure Management and response plan

Asthma Management and response plan



School Bus Information

If you wish to apply to have your child picked up on a school bus you can apply on line by following this link (click on parents and then how to apply):-

How to Apply for School Bus Services (save your seat)

Alternatively please contact the front office team and they will assist  you, 9971 8000..



  • Permanent residents of Australia and children holding an approved visa sub class number, are eligible to enrol in Western Australian Government Schools.

  •  As legislated, all Western Australian Schools are required to enrol students according to their birth dates at 30  June for each academic year. Children enrolling from overseas or interstate are generally enrolled in classes appropriate to age as with children in Western Australian. The determination about the enrolment of the child    into a specific year of schooling and/or the educational program is also based on the child’s previous schooling, achievement levels and identified needs.

  • All children of compulsory school age (Pre-Primary to Year 6) are guaranteed places. Children must turn 4 years of age by June 30 in the year that they enrol for Kindergarten. Students begin school at the beginning of the school year irrespective of birth date.

** Link to School Age Calculator


Enrolment Details

  • Parents or legal guardians seeking to enrol their child at Perenjori Primary School are asked to complete an Application for Enrolment Form and forward the application to the school.

  • We would also welcome the opportunity to talk with you and give you a guided tour through our facilities.      

Please call us on 08 9971 8000 to arrange an appointment and/or click above to download an Application to Enrol Form to submit:

BY POST             Principal, Perenjori Primary School, Carnamah Road, Perenjori, WA, 6620

IN PERSON         Administration, Perenjori Primary School, Carnamah Road, Perenjori, WA, 6620


A copy of your child’s birth certificate must accompany your Application for Enrolment. The school must sight a copy of your current immunisation records, Visa and/or Family Court Order (if applicable) for the application to proceed.


Frequently Asked Questions:


 What happens if my child is enrolled in the wrong year?

  • If a child has been mistakenly enrolled before the child is eligible, the Principal will advise parents that the student will need to complete a second year in the same year level and that an appropriate educational program will be provided to meet the student’s individual needs.

  • If the parents feel there are extenuating or exceptional circumstances then they may appeal this position by forwarding relevant information the Midwest District Office. Each case will then be considered by the Regional Executive Director who will provide feedback and recommendation to the school regarding the outcome.

Enrolment for students with disabilities?

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Disability Standards for Education 2005, it is the responsibility of an education system to give the same opportunities and choices on enrolment of a child with a disability as those offered to other prospective children without disabilities.

On the basis of need, all student will be provided with reasonable adjustments that facilitate their participation in an appropriate educational program. Students with disabilities should be enrolled in, and progress through, all phases of schooling as the same age as their peers without disabilities. Repeating a year of schooling is not an approved evidence based practice. Principals will ensure that students with physical or mental illness and/or health needs are provided with the opportunity to access the curriculum.

Enrolment of students with health care needs?

There are a number of students who require health care assistance during the school day. When enrolling a student with health care needs, the Principal will assess:

  • whether proposed procedures are supported by medical advice
  • how the student condition can be safely managed in a local environment
  • how arrangements can be made to support the student adequately
  • access to suitably trained staff who agree to offer the support required
  • the extent to which the learning processes or safety of other students in the school will be affected; and
  • whether additional staff assistance will be needed.

Transfer to a new school

When leaving, parents are requested to notify the school at least a week prior to departure so that transfer documents can be prepared. The new school needs to notify the previous school of the transfer before we can forward the student’s records accordingly.

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For all enquires please contact the administration office on 08 9971 8000