About Us - Business Plan 2016-2018

Perenjori Primary School 2016 - 2018 Business Plan


To provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where all students are supported and challenged to achieve their personal best.  We share a commitment to ensure all students are provided with the best opportunities to develop the skills, understandings and values required to reach their academic potential and contribute to society.



We have a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others.  We believe that all students have capacity to learn.


We have high expectations of our students and ourselves.  We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.


We recognise the differing circumstances and needs of our students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all.


We treat individuals with care.  Relationships are based upon trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility.  We recognise the value of working in partnership with parents and the wider community in providing a quality education for our students. 


                  Successful Students


                                        Excellence in teaching & learning



                                                           Safe & supportive learning environment



                                                                                   Strong, sustainable partnerships



                                                                                                                       Distinctive & Innovative


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